Since our inception, Basham & Associates has been professionally managing Colorado properties and guaranteeing excellent real estate portfolio to customers. Basham is responsible for managing single and multi-tenant properties. Tenants in these properties include regional, local, and national credit tenants ranging from significant grocery and medical & office space in the Denver Metro to industrial and flex-industrial properties across the Front Range.


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Our management philosophy concentrates on ensuring client asset preservation and appreciation through professional tenant relations, leasing, and management of capital. We know that your goal is to build wealth by gathering and protecting your assets. Our mission at Basham Real Estate Companies is to help you meet that goal through our expert knowledge and powerful strategies for reducing management costs and maximizing income.

From the customer’s initial contact with our representatives, Basham property managers, principals, and advisors work together to ensure a rewarding experience.

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  • Full Financial Reports

    At Basham Real Estate Companies, we provide clients with strategic data and insights, which enables them to increase rents and fees and take advantage of additional income streams.

    Financial reports consist of balance sheets, monthly income and expense statement, general ledger, accounts payable report, tenant aged receivables, and copy of monthly bank statements.

    Our financial reports will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and losses. So, you maintain full control over your assets and monitor business goals.

  • Leasing Renewals and Extension

    Property owners rely on us for their most complex and valuable real estate transactions with National and international credit tenants.

  • Property Acquisition and Disposition

    With decades of experience managing multi-jurisdictional and large-scale transactions, Basham Real Estate Companies provides practical guidance and creative solutions to close the deal on time, and with long-term success.

    Our team of experts is adept in the acquisition and disposition of all types of real estate, including industrial properties, development buildings, apartments, and infrastructure projects.

    With wide-ranging experience on both sides of the table, Basham Real Estate Companies offers investors a unique perspective on the risks and opportunities involved in a given purchase or sale.

  • Property Condition Management

    All properties are subject to damage, and maintenance issues.

    We, at Basham Real Estate Companies, deal with daily repair and maintenance requirements  within the constraints of the appropriate disbursement limit.  We have a curated list of experienced, licensed and insured vendors to complete all repair and maintenance items in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Capital Improvement Management

    Improve your annual bottom line and plan capital improvements for your property. Resident compliance, expense management, and regular evaluations are all performed by Basham Real Estate Companies to establish a budget and timeline for the improvements made.

    Capital improvement management projects can vary from $10,000 to well over $500,000

    All work plans are customized, ensuring that no projects are too big or too small for your property needs.

  • Collection Services

    Our team provides a legal and friendly collection of fees through the use of innovative processes of receivables management.

    Among these processes include sending reminders through SMS and emails, legal coordination of problem collections.  Long-term cooperation with local authorities enable us to ensure fast and smooth transactions.

  • Monthly On-Site Tenant Relations

    Keeping tenants satisfied with your property’s operation is crucial for retention. Basham engages tenants and increases satisfaction by listening to suggestions for space improvement.

    Our team gathers all suggestions and provides tenants with a written and well-considered response from the manager.

    This way, your property won’t face delinquent payments, continuous evictions, and other troubling matters.

  • Monthly Property Inspection

    Basham Real Estate Companies provide property inspections reports complete with photos of any necessary repair attention items.  Repair or replacement bids shall be provided for any issues identified.


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